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Since it’s inception in 1907, Scouting has grown year-on-year to become today a worldwide family, some 54 million strong, in almost every nation on earth. It is, without doubt, one of the greatest youth movements in history. Scouting has been an essential element of Mumbles life since 1909. The original All Saint’s Church Boy Scouts, for boys between the ages of 10 and 13 years, met in the cellars of “Glyn Cerrig” on Newton Road, the home of Mr Arthur Lloyd Jones (Surgeon). The Troop was renamed the First Mumbles Scout Troop shortly after. They continued to use Glyn Cerrig as headquarters until 1921 when “The Scout Shed”, made of corrugated iron sides and a glass panelled roof, was constructed on the site of the current Sutton Hall on The Grove. The Shed remained the headquarters until Sutton Hall was opened in 1976.

The First Mumbles Wolf Cub Pack was registered with the Scout Association in February 1920 and originally met at the old National School (later to become the Mumbles Motor Boat and Fishing Club and now part of Patrick’s) at Southend. The Pack started with 36 boys. The Pack moved to The Shed in 1923. The First Mumbles Beaver Colony started in 1987 in the now well-established Sutton Hall.


As a result of a major review of Scouting, published in The Advanced Party Report of 1968, Boy Scouts became Scouts, Wolf Cubs became Cubs and Masters/Mistresses became Leaders. Venture scouting was introduced for 16-21 year olds and Venture Scouts and Ranger Guides met together. The old traditional uniforms were replaced by a more modern uniform. The large brimmed, pinched hats worn by Scouts were replaced by berets and the Cub Scout cap was no longer part of uniform. Garter tabs were also dropped by both sections. Finally, girls were allowed into all Sections of the movement in 1990.


Sutton Hall Redevelopment


Thanks to grants from Mumbles Community Council, Swansea City Council and The National Lottery, we have carried out major renovation work on our hall over the last two years. The following work has been completed:

Re-felting of the roof and some new facia boards
Modern low-energy LED lighting in main hall, stage, kitchen, stores and Leader’s room
Disability access
Disabled toilet*
New kitchen units

New flooring in the kitchen

Renovate stage flooring
New entrance doors

Refurbishment of male toilets

Refurbishment of female toilets

Refurbishment of the entrance hall with new internal double doors

Decoration of the outside of the building

Redecoration of the inside of the building

Replace all 21 of the hall's single-glazed windows with modern double-glazed units

*to provide a suitable footprint has involved major alteration to the entrance hall and the creation of new entrances to the male toilets and stores from the main hall



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