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1st Mumbles Scout Group Welcomes You


BEAVERS (4.30-5.30 pm on Tuesdays during term time)

Beavers are our youngest group of boys and girls aged 6-8. Every Tuesday they have opportunities to take part in a wide range of fun activities such as crafts, games and cooking.

CUBS (6-7.30 pm on Tuesdays during term time)

Cubs are boys and girls aged 8 - 10.5. The Cub Pack is split into smaller groups called Sixes. The Leaders aim to provide opportunities for them to learn a new skills, including social skills, play games and spend time outdoors (weather permitting).

Recent Updates



Personal Hygiene

Covid-19 Update

Currently there are no Covid restrictions, however we continue to encourage our young people to use the hand sanitiser when they arrive


Major Renovation to our HQ - see the About page

Group sends tents to Ukraine

We have recently cleared out our stores. Four 6-person tents have been sent to Ukraine. A number of other tents and 2 marquees have been given to the Scout Troop at Fforestfach.










A message from Bear Grylls, Chief Scout 

Please click on the link to see his video​

Extract of a message from Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner, Scouts (29th May 2021)


This last year has been so tough for so many of us. 


…… sadly 115,000 young people (24.5%) were unable to take part in Scouting in the past year. On top of that, our numbers for adult volunteers are down by 10,000. It’s likely that you’ll see some of these figures, taken from our 2021 census, reported in the national media today. 


Yet we know that locally there’s a huge demand for young people wanting to either re-join or begin their Scouts journey, now that face-to-face activities are taking place again. Long term, we aim to build back stronger and continue to grow even bigger, by regaining those members whose provision stopped and recruit new members. 


For this to happen we need to make sure we have enough volunteers to offer quality programmes to our young people. That’s where we need your help… 


Today we’re launching our new recruitment campaign #GoodForYou. 


Volunteering for Scouts is:


·   good for your skills and CV

·   good for your health and happiness 

·   good for your family and community. 


In short, it’s good for you!


We’ll be running national media activity to raise the profile of Scouts for anyone considering volunteering. This will highlight our need for volunteers to lend a helping hand, and why Scouts volunteering offers unique advantages. 



…. it’s not just section leaders we’re looking for; our new recruits may be suited to an Exec Committee role or something else entirely. 


This is the start of an exciting new chapter. We're looking ahead to a brighter future where we can continue to reach new young people and volunteers, and offer the skills, friendship and sense of belonging our movement brings.  


Tim Kidd

UK Chief Commissioner


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